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Kaling You're like, "I thought I looked very beautiful." Do they really say that? I had another woman say, "Whatever you've done to your face, it looks great." Rossum Some people say that I'm so much prettier on TV, and people come up to me in the airport, and they're like, "You kind of look like Emmy Rossum, but she's really pretty." Deschanel Someone said, "You're so thin!

You look so fat on TV." Cuoco-Sweeting I get that, too.

Even though it's a stunt, you can't fake that a car is almost going to hit you. Falco I once auditioned for a musical, and I don't sing. I couldn't look [the casting people in the eye]. That was the performance my father and uncle came to. Kaling And people who actually identify as feminists will say stuff like, "Are women funny? If you can nicely be like, "I think what you mean to ask is maybe something like this …" Other times, I lose it. I don't know what the f-- anyone's talking about.

PHOTOS: Inside , Matt Le Blanc, Tony Hale Deschanel You can't, actually. Edie, what's the most consistent Sopranos comment or question you get?

What's the oddest thing you have been asked to do on your current series? I pasted sideburns and fake beard stuff to my eyebrows. I had to pull my pants down and use this squeezy contraption that made it look like I was really doing it. PHOTOS: Inside THR's Actress Roundtable Edie Falco For one scene on , I was lying on a bed of pills in this little miniature elevator thing, and it dropped like 10 feet quickly to show that I'd been overtaken by these pills. Rossum They were like, "You don't need a stunt double. Mindy, what's the strangest thing you've written for yourself to do on your show? " () Schilling There are a lot of clothes off and a lot of knives. When I was still in New York, I auditioned for this Bollywood musical. And of course, it then ended up a huge embarrassment. Falco At the beginning of [the play] , our characters are naked and have sex. Stanley Tucci and I are getting ready for the curtain to open, but something goes wrong with the computer and all the house lights and stage lights come on, and the curtains go up. " "Well, we're used to skinny people, and you're so ugly and refreshing." That's not a question, sir.



Between fake-peeing, showering with co-stars and the "torture" of watching their performances, there's little these women won't do for the sake of their craft. Zooey Deschanel I had to be Woody Allen as a zombie. Emmy Rossum My character had to pee on camera for a drug test this past season. " Cuoco-Sweeting They probably thought you were such a badass. " Rossum "And felt extremely vulnerable in front of a bunch of people? Schilling Boobs for all and everybody's being shanked! Schilling I auditioned for commercials when I started out, which are awful. There was one where there was a mannequin set up, and they're like, "Skip across this bench and plant a big wet one on the mannequin." What was it for? I'm looking at the person who's reading with me there, and right behind that person was this guy saying the dialogue with me. " Kaling Have you guys ever completely lied about your abilities? " I said I could sing and I could dance -- neither of which I can do -- and I sang, "Somewhere Out There," which anybody sounds good singing, and then I had to go to the dance part of it. STORY: ' Mindy Project' Star Lands Lead in Tina Fey Comedy ' The Nest' And Mindy, you've been very open about calling out journalists who make ridiculous comments. Kaling "You're ugly and fat, and that is so refreshing to us." I'm like, "What are you saying to me, sir?An "adorkable" network series centered on a girl and her best guy friends?Or a grim hourlong series about a poor Chicago family whose toddler almost ODs on his sister's cocaine? PHOTOS: ' New Girl' -- Inside the Wardrobe Room of Zooey Deschanel's Hit Comedy Taylor, when have you felt pushed to the limits on Orange?Deschanel And "Tell your agents to dress you in different clothes." And I go, "First of all, agents don't dress actors!

Kaling The flip side is getting to make out a lot on TV, which I do. Falco "How did they make you look so fat and old on that show?

" Funny, I hadn't thought of that again until now.



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