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He kind of proved that winning a show like this doesn't mean you're set for life... Then Mariano managed to be a three-time 'Survivor' loser, also a two time [The Amazing Race](series:749536) loser.

This dude just loves the thrill of being a reality TV contestant apparently... he's pretty much just a reality TV legend and professional crazy-dude.

Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of reality shows that have come and gone in the past decade or so... Richard Hatch was a corporate trainer and was heavily disliked...

It talked about the fact that a group of contestants would be put on a remote island and would have to fend for themselves.It was pretty vague though - just a Super Bowl spot that CBS grabbed - and, man, they haven't looked back since then.What you have to realize is that it was still a novel idea to put real life non-actors on a TV show. Let's take a look back at some of the best Survivor winners. Then This was way back in the very first season of Survivor.In fact, I would argue that it's one of the most prominent reality TV series' of all time. Now He was on Celebrity Apprentice, which is in itself fairly ridiculous...

but, the part of his modern day story that is most noteworthy is the fact that he served sentences of 51 months and nine months for tax fraud.

he won the million on 'Survivor: Redemption Island' and also got a bonus 0,000 for being the "fan favorite". Then It's kind of wild that her last name was "Shallow".



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