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The last country covered in the clip is Iran - illustrated with a woman in casual clothing and a hijab - where nose jobs are considered a status symbol.A You Tube dating expert has taken to the streets of Shoreditch in East London to see how men react when they are given flowers by a woman.After the experiment is over, Quinn seems pleased with the results.


For Venezuela, the country that has produced the most winners of international beauty pageants, it's explained that there is a highly-criticized practice of giving implants to young girls on their 15th birthdays.China's reverence for the 'double eyelid' is the focus of the next section in the clip, explaining that 'eyelid tapes' to achieve the look are 'available in pharmacies and beauty stores for those unwilling or unable to have surgery.'The ideal face shape for a woman in China is the 'melon seed face', namely an oval shape with a pointed chin - and is so important in fact that dating sites in the country ask for face shape descriptions alongside other information.I wouldn’t have wanted to be the guy waiting for the ‘Processing’ phase to complete …You can watch a one-minute taster below, then visit the Associated Press and British Movietone You Tube channels – along with that of British Pathé.

In its latest installment, You Tube dating and travel series Dating Beyond Borders looks at female beauty standards across countries from the UK to Jamaica to show how vastly they vary and asking: 'how far do we go to look beautiful?

''In order to achieve the "healthy body girl" look, a woman must be between 160 and 210 pounds,' claims the video, adding that some women have been known to take the now-outlawed 'chicken pills' - engineered to help chickens grow faster - to help them gain bigger hips and bottoms.


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