Youtube dating on line service

First, spend time thinking about the types of information you are comfortable with sharing or having your family share through video content posted publicly online.

Would it be ok for people see your child’s face if their names aren’t listed?

Would you be comfortable if the video expose your home location or general location?

To filter out content that you do not wish to see, or to have your children see, You Tube has a Safety Mode that will significantly reduce, but cannot be guaranteed to eliminate all, objectionable content.

For younger children you may choose to view videos together so you can manage their viewing experience.

(click to tweet) You Tube also contains videos that you may find highly inappropriate, with violence, hate speech, nudity, profanity, threats, bullying, and offensive or crude behavior.

The service has clear community guidelines to monitor content hosted on their service, but they cannot catch every video that violates their guidelines and need users to do their part by flagging inappropriate content they come across.

You Tube is a video hosting service owned by Google.


Every video has a ‘flag’ button underneath it so you can report the issue to You Tube instantly.

The service also provides an age restricted option for content that is within the community guidelines but not suitable for all ages.


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