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This young girl is the hottest, youngest, prettiest thing I've seen in a long time!!! I wish I could meet her, she's a doll and a half!!!!

Her little breasts are PERFECT, and her nipples drive me crazyyy!!!

In an adorable video from the Grand Ole Opry, Cam surprised Emmy Lou and Kinzlee, two little girls who went viral for their adorable cover of “Burning House.” “I actually first saw that video on Twitter.

I was going through it and saw it and thought how adorable this was,” the California native said in the clip. I won’t tell Justin Moore.” Watch the adorable video above.

“Then I heard through the Opry reaching out saying we’d love for you to meet them and I was already so excited because I had seen the video.” The video follows the little girls as they march around backstage at the Opry on their tour, only to wind up in a dressing room and reprise their cover of the Grammy-nominated song. “Thank you for coming all this way to be part of the Opry.

the snoopy in the background makes me worry a little...

Find out when Cam's amazing memory clicks into action in the sixth book of the Young Cam Jansen series. My 7-year-old neighbor recommended this series to us because "there's pictures on every page." That's nice but I get a lot more banter about the illustrations than reading. My 7-year-old neighbor recommended this series to us because "there's pictures on every page." That's nice but I get a lot more banter about the illustrations than reading. Our girls love the Cam Jansen series of books and this is a good one in the Young Cam Jansen series for younger children.

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Our oldest really loves the memory quiz at the end of these books; it's a good way to help children learn to observe the world around them and hone their memory skills. This one shows us that it isn't just having a great memory that helps solve mysteries, it is also an ability to put together various facts into a complete picture. The thing is, this kind of thing is so likely to happen that I have to give the author credit. I loved all the Cam Jansen books when I was younger.

Cam uses her photographic memory and powers of deduction to solve the mystery.


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