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" Cuz I saw one the posts where it was a drawing of them saying things like "Screw Blood Drive! So this blog is not a continuation off of Blood Drive.I don’t wish to spoil the events of Blood Drive for you or for anyone else who follows this blog, so for the sake of that I will put the rest of this under a read more.

He has been spotted at the Family Values Tour, Taste of Chaos, and every concert that Rudolph the Red Nosed Rein Deer en Grey has ever played in America.

He starred in the movies Tokyo Popsicle and it's less well-known sequel Tokyo Popcorn, made cameos in the (in)famous Saw series and in the movie The Cat Ate My Comb, and has an upcoming role in Reaper!

We are really sorry for the lack of replies, it would be great to see this blog active once more. But I have this one question about the canon relationship between Ayumi and Yoshiki in Blood Drive.

We just need a quicker way of replying to the mass of messages we get, so we will be returning to the old format and hopefully asks will start getting answered quicker. What happened that Yoshiki and Ayumi weren't able to "get together? Okay, so the first time you need to know about this blog is that it is in no way canon! Also, it doesn’t follow one Corpse Party plot specifically; we answer questions as we see fit to.

The “spoiler” below is pretty vague, but if you don’t wish to see it, I’ve done this for that reason. Yoshiki is best known for being the founder of X Japan (aka The Best Band Ever) as well as their drummer, pianist, primary songwriter, composer, cowbell player, producer, manager, special effects technician, sound engineer, and mascot. N., which purportedly stands for "Super Kooky Ipod Nanos", with fellow J-rockers Gackt, Miyavi, and Sugizo.



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