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The high season in Cuba is July / August Peak Season is December / January/ February (Canadians) Hurricane season is from June 1 till November 30 For a more detailed weather info check out the General Info page Yes and yes Cuba will give you a visa / tourist card, however, you must acquire the visa before you arrive.Below you will find questions and answers, the frequently asked questions from first time travelers to Cuba we often get in our mailbox.It is advisable to read these questions and answers to start with when you are intending to go to Cuba.You can not compare Cuba with the mainland of any country in specific not with prices in Asia.For the price of a hotel room on most other islands in the caribbe, all of your daily expenses will be covered in Cuba.They are there specifically to protect and help tourists.Foreign currency and/or convertible pesos (CUC) are vital to their economy, they bend over backwards to make sure everyone has a safe and pleasant stay.Wifi is possible from most hotels and wifi hotspots.



Although, be aware of your belongings in cities like Havana and Santiago de Cuba just like in every capital city Yes Almost all hotels have at least 1 or 2 computers to go on the internet for foreigners.In the touristic areas there also are internet "cafés" from Etecsa the Cuban telephone/internet provider.Your airfare will be your most expensive single item.I find that CUC 75 - 100 is typically more than enough for a casa, food, transportation and "incidentals". March, April October and November are the months with the nicest weather and less rain.

Actually, Cuba has the lowest crime rate in the Western Hemisphere!

You will be surprised by the visible police presence in Cuba.


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