Yaho stat tracker not updating

They are actually taking all the stuff that sucked about the app that people talked about in these reviews and changing it little by little to make it better.

Still not perfect but this is a much better user experience than it was in week 1.

I've been taking part in fantasy football and basketball for the last 4 to 6 years and have seen this app at its worst.

Favorite features: Manage your roster - pick up players and make trades in the app.

Draft anywhere - you never need to miss a draft again now that you can draft your team from your phone Instant updates - be at the top of your game with instant scoring updates and breaking player news.

Yahoo Fantasy has you covered every day, year-round.

Easily switch between games and focus on what really matters: drafting your team, setting your lineup, and winning!



The only thing is, knowing yahoo, next year's app will start out just as crappy. But overall I hate playing on yahoo much much less than I did at the beginning of the season.

Now if they would only upgrade the website interface...



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