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While our example cites a specific percentage, there’s no standard amount used for poker staking deals.The percentages vary as the amounts of money and risk vary; percentages as high as 95% and as low as 5% are not unheard of in the world of staking.With the basics of staking in hand, let’s talk a bit more about the details that make up a standard staking arrangement.


If Mike fails to cash in the tournament, Brian gets nothing.If Mike cashes for k, Brian would get his k investment back Some staking arrangements are simply one-off deals like the one described above.Staking – also commonly referred to as backing – is a relatively simple concept.In basic terms, staking is an arrangement between a player and a staker in which the staker provides some or all of the player’s bankroll in exchange for some amount of the player’s winnings.

Staking is essentially ubiquitous in the worlds of both live and online poker.

Yet the core concepts of poker staking still prove elusive and confusing to many players – especially those who play poker primarily as a Let’s get started by addressing the most basic of those questions: What is poker staking?



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