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When Singles Around Me launched in 2010 "it seemed spooky to people" to use geolocation, but attitudes have evolved, Klotz said.To ease security concerns, Singles Around Me developed technology which can mask or shift the location of users.


With apps like Tinder, prospective daters can see pictures of people who are nearby.If they see someone they like, they can swipe right to indicate interest.Leland's results were mixed: he was matched with around 400 women over more than a year but only ended up meeting two, and one of them felt "awkward." "I get to experiment with ice breakers and pickup lines, so that aspect of it is pretty entertaining," said Leland, a sophomore at a midwestern college. For now, Leland said he plans to stop using the app and go back to the old-fashioned way of meeting women, because "I don't want to be known as that Tinder guy." Nonetheless, the use of mobile apps for meeting and dating is multiplying as people rely more on their smartphones as a daily hub.The apps can help people discover new friends in real time, based on the location pinpointed in their devices.


Another mobile app called Skout, which launched in 2007, calls itself the "largest global, mobile network for meeting new people" with eight million members around the world, and says it facilitated over 350 million connections in 2013 alone.

Spokeswoman Jordan Barnes said Skout "is not just a dating app" because it helps facilitate professional relations and friendships as well as romantic encounters.



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    "Loved ones need to know how to set boundaries and decide why they want to tolerate smoking," says Plattor.

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    The business model might seem discriminatory, but Alex Furmansky, the founder of the site, stands behind his site that he says is successfully making matches.

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