Wu chun and angela zhang dating

Her brother is dong hae, granddaughter of the Korea king, best friends with genie from young [the king disguise her as a normal girl from young, to aviod kidnapping and various reasons.no one knows her identity except mr and mrzhuo, and her family, she herself dunno too] jiyeon was a bubbly and clumsy Dino from young, her parents are always overseas (actually in the palace), Her brother (Donghae) visit her regularly by sneaking out of the palace, he lie to he A story about love and what love can mean to a person.Fue descubierto en un viaje de vacaciones a Taiwan, se le pidió participar como protagonista principal (A pesar de la falta de fluidez en mandarín) junto a Ariel Lin en el drama taiwanés Tokyo Juliet, con el que saltó a la fama.Más adelante, él también se unió a la popular banda de chicos taiwanesa Fahrenheit.Michelle's always been in love with her best friend, Luhan.Luhan is torn between friendship and a better future. Once Opon a time there was two Princess, the princess were born on the same day, same year.A story that revolves around two people, bound together.

Wu Chun, nombre real Goh Kiat Chun, nació en Brunei.

Antes de entrar al mundo del espectáculo, fue un modelo y profesor de educación física.



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