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Many of the notes regarding fifth and early sixth century Danes are taken from the Alan Bliss/JRR Tolkein examination of the latter.A distinctly separate Danish 'province' existed in Jutland between the sixth and ninth centuries, perhaps initially wholly or semi-independently as one of the early rival states.The march of the Danes - a march, mark, or mierce being a borderland territory - was probably the no-man's land between them and whatever tribes lay to the south (following the exodus to Britain by the Jutes and Angles).This name became normalised as Denmark, and similar border states included Mercia in England and the North March of eastern Germany.Event - Apple will begin a web TV service in September, carrying broadcast networks such as CBS, Fox and ABC; the service will offer 25 channels and will likely cost less than current cable television packages Event - Mike Nichols, director of a long list of successful productions in TV, film and theater, dies at age 83 of a heart attack; Nichols was one of very few directors to earn all four major industry awards: the Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar and Tony Event - Broadcasting company CBS is moving to web-based programming by starting a 24-hour news streaming site, offering web access to its network for a monthly fee, and partnering with Sony to provide programs for a web-based TV service Event - 21st Century Fox, Inc.

As a result, they began to migrate southwards from southern Sweden, entering Jutland and the Cimbric Peninsula in the fifth century, a relatively peaceful southwards movement that nevertheless put pressure on the Jutes and Angles and contributed to their migration to Britain.

The Angles appear to have been allies of the Danes, but may have seen the migration as an opportunity not to be missed.



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