Whos brandon boyd dating to dating older

Now remarried, he has custody of Dylan every other weekend, as well as three months in the summer and holidays in even-numbered years.

While Murphy has accused him of not honouring his obligations, however, Schroeder now claims that she is refusing to comply with the court decision.

I went here a handful of times as a nino and have only fond memories of it.

Incubus is currently taking some time off at the moment, which we're thankful for for two reasons. To keep up with the latest on Brandon, follow him on Instagram and "Like" him on Facebook.

All he wants to do is see Dylan." Murphy, who was recently honoured at the 25th annual Outstanding Mother Award, now lives in Los Angeles where she is dating Brandon Boyd, of neo-grunge band Incubus.And Schroeder says she is no longer the woman he once loved.



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