Who is vic zhou dating

It was in this particular role that many fans acknowledged him and supported him in subsequent roles.Eventually, he quit schooling due to his very hectic schedule.Now, he is studying business administration at Hsing Wu College.


Education * Department of Business Administration, Hsing Wu College * Department of Industrial Management, China University of Technology Chung Kuo Institute of Technology * Department of Machinery, National Lo Tung Industrial Vocational High School * Luodong Junior High School * Gong Zeng Elementary School At first, he tried to finish his degree in machinery technical school (NOT mechanical engineering).

But persistent fans prompted him to transfer school twice.



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    I've been wondering where it is a middle-aged single guy can meet women. You can't go to nightclubs without appearing to be a father waiting to take his daughter home, or at best, the performing group's lawyer. So imagine my surprise when I found myself recently as the only male in a roomful of women, many of whom were single, available, and age-appropriate.

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