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His song is the secular version of lighting candles in full view of the street.Apparently we (I use the term loosely; I confess to only voting in federal elections) elected Los Angeles’ first Jewish mayor. Now the new mayor, Eric Garcetti, may be a man of sterling character, someone to respect and admire, a human being who sanctifies God’s name in the world. Is it not incredible that a people, who comprise less than one percent of world population, have representatives in the forefront of every endeavor? If my fellow Jew does well by honorable means, I will honor him/her -- whether the success is in the form of politics, academia, the arts, etc.If so, that would really be something to celebrate. They are my role models and not a Jewish mayor, actor or athlete. And I think your characterization that we don't give enough honor to the charitable is inaccurate.In fact I don’t get the point of any of those lists. I certainly share the joys and pains of our brothers and sisters. She lives with her husband and nine children in Los Angeles where they both work for Aish Ha Torah. No one is perfect, and knowing how to be a mensch is often learned long before one is old enough to be elected to a public office.


They can’t sleep if another Jew is lost, is in pain. I understand from where I stand now that religious life is better for me and probably better for every Jew…but the earlier me really didn’t like the self righteous condemnation of everything culturally Jewish that wasn’t perfectly religiously Jewish that I kept hearing from religious Jews. I especially like the Chanukah Song because it is truly Jewish.

Chanukah is about celebrating the miracle of a small nation of Jews overcoming the world largest power at the time and persevering as a people and a religion.



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