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We started last March and just finished up this past March, so it was a year but with some touring in between and some stuff like that.TG: All new songs except for one song called “Sunshine Fires” that kind of came out on this.JJJ: How did you come up with the title for the album ?TG: Basically it’s like that moment when I first went on a roller coaster, I was super excited.I had some songs and then they kind of got ran through the machine, which is all good too, I learned a lot from that experience as well.JJJ: What does this record mean to you in comparison to your other records? TG: It’s definitely just a progression from the first record. Everything I wrote on acoustic guitar and piano, but it’s a little more classic, not classic rock, but it’s a little more “throwbacky” than the other one. It’s a little more retro here and there, and then I took more liberties with rocking out in certain places and being more rock and roll.

And it’s a similar thing every time I get on stage or even now the moments in between when the album is done, and people are going to hear it.

It’s that anticipation and then you finally hit that moment where there is nothing to be afraid of and you’re kind of moving into whatever it is.



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