Who is somaya reece dating

Prior to unveiling her myspace page, in spite of her harsh upbringing, Somaya Reece accomplished an impressive and extensive resume. Somaya Reece grew up in a garage to an immigrant Latino family cleaning houses as a maid with her mother.Refusing to be another statistic living "La Vida Loca" in gangs, jail, experiencing a deadly gang related death scare.Somaya Reece decided to change her life and began her journey to great accomplishments.This Salvadorian beauty from South Central was recently named the Hottest Latina in Music by Maxim en Español, recently voted "20 figuras latins en boca de todos" (20 most talked about Latin figures) and "Iconos de nuestra cultura" (Icons of today's culture) on Latino.The buzz of her arrival into New York grew almost overnight, causing the attention of several music television networks.Somaya Reece's current projects include her own clothing line & clothing store and the #1 fitness blog source for "A Realistic Approach To Fitness".

VH1 follows her journey to make it in the entertainment industry while moving across Country from Los Angeles to New York without knowing anyone.

Getting the attention of record labels, press, while enduring many obstacles.



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