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Hiram Berry (father)Le Roy Berry (father)Shelby Corcoran (biological mother)Beth Corcoran (adoptive sister)Leon (cousin) Jesse St.

James (husband)Unnamed biological daughter (through surrogacy)Unnamed Mother-in-law Unnamed Father-in-law Unnamed Sister-in-law Unnamed Brother-in-law Unamed Uncle-in-law Kurt Hummel Mercedes Jones Santana Lopez Blaine Anderson Finn Hudson Quinn Fabray Noah Puckerman Rory Flanagan Matt Rutherford Brittany Pierce Tina Cohen-Chang Artie Abrams Mike Chang Sam Evans Sunshine Corazon Sugar Motta Joe Hart Lauren Zizes Isabelle Wright Sean Fretthold Cassandra July Dani Will Schuester Elliott Gilbert Paolo San Pablo Rupert Campion Roderick Meeks Jane Hayward Mason Mc Carthy Madison Mc Carthy Kitty Wilde Spencer Porter Myron Muskovitz Sheldon Beiste Superintendent Harris Sue Sylvester MVP(Regionals, Season 2)2012 WMHS Prom Queen'09 Show Choir Sectionals, first place'10 Show Choir Regionals, third place '11 Show Choir Regionals, first place'11 Show Choir Nationals, twelfth place '12 Show Choir Regionals, first place'12 Show Choir Nationals, first place 2012 NYADA Winter Showcase Tony Award, Best Actress in a Musical Rachel Barbra Berry is a major character on Glee.

She was a sophomore at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA), until she decided to drop out in Bash.

She is an alumna of William Mc Kinley High School as of Goodbye.

In On My Way, they planned to get married, but in the beginning of Big Brother it is revealed that they postponed their wedding due to Quinn Fabray's texting and driving car accident.

In Goodbye, Finn told her that he is setting her free so that she could go to New York and follow her dreams which she couldn't do if she was married to him.

She was the first ever captain of the school's Glee Club, the New Directions, having later recruited Finn Hudson as a co-captain in Mattress.

She was one of the three major self-proclaimed divas of the club: the others being two of her closest friends, Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones. She was raised by her two gay fathers, Le Roy and Hiram Berry, and was able to meet her biological mother Shelby Corcoran, the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline in Theatricality, due to the efforts of her now husband, Jesse St. Rachel is very competitive and often flaunts her "diva" behavior by demanding the spotlight and being the center of attention, due to her dream of performing on Broadway.

In The Break-Up, Finn returns, but with the ongoing drama, Rachel breaks off their relationship "for now" and their relationship was put on hold.In Glease, it seems their relationship has fully dropped after Finn says they shouldn't have contact and he doesn't want to know about Rachel's arrival to Lima, Ohio if she does return again someday.



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