Who is romeo master p son dating

While Master P's lyrics may not paint Sonya in the best light, it says the song "comes from love." "I don't care man, I'm gonna be there for you, no matter what.

All that stuff you see in the paper, that don't mean nothing, we going 100," he explains.

Miller is the son of well known rap mogul Master P, Miller's music has been released on Priority Records, Universal Records & Koch Records along with his former record label's No Limit Records, The New No Limit, Guttar Music, Take A Stand, The Next Generation so was Miller's.

Miller would then sign to his father's relaunch label New No Limit Records.

Romeo Miller is an actor, rapper, entrepreneur, basketball player, model, and lgendary rapper Master P’s son.

Even though you tried to play my boy, I pray for ya, only for the kids man, I still might make a way for ya. " Master P, real name Percy Williams, and his ex have been battling it out over their children -- including son Romeo Miller -- and spousal support since she filed for divorce in 2013.

"My father's song is about going through a very public divorce with my mom," Romeo says in the clip, after he shows up to the recording studio.

They say a broken hearted woman might shoot a hitter," he raps.


"Everyone's going through something and everybody wants to repair that thing that has been broken.First my mom, now Angela, it's crazy." Romeo's referring to Angela Simmons, his longtime friend who blindsides him with a surprise engagement to another man in tonight's season premiere.



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