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Commentator Maura Ranallo said it best when he remarked Lesnar was “turning this into a horror movie" and the referee awarded the bout to Brock.Orton's Smack Down boss Shane Mc Mahon hit the ring, only to receive an F5 from the vicious and unrepentant Lesnar, in a shocking end to proceedings.In the closing stages Bálor countered the same finisher, stomped on Seth's back and hit his Coup De Grace to secure a career-defining victory.



The controversial UFC star pounded the 12-time world champion from the off, taking him straight to Suplex City and smashing him through an announce table.

The pace did not let up for a second as Finn targeted Rollins' surgically repaired right knee and the two-time world champion responded with a huge frog splash.

The man from Bray nailed 1916 for a two count but almost fell to The Architect's small package driver and then somehow survived a Pedigree.

When Orton looked decimated The Viper hit an RKO out of nowhere on Brock on another table, then a rope DDT and a further RKO back in the ring.

But after Lesnar kicked out on two and Randy survived an F5 by the same margin, the Beast Incarnate flipped, busting him open with repeated elbows and fists.

The match that stole the show was undoubtedly AJ Styles versus John Cena, as the Phenomenal One beat the 15-time world champion fair and square after a classic.



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