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If you can't get information on a leader, tap his phone.Sleuths of the MI6 (UK's external intelligence agency), who believe they have the licence to overhear, have been tuning into the mobile conversations of Rahul Gandhi.Gandhi was accompanied by the party's Gujarat affairs in-charge Gurudas Kamat, state Congress president Bharatsinh Solanki and other party leaders as well as Congress and Dalit leader Kumari Selja.Scores of people thronged Samadhiyala village in Una taluka (tehsil) of Gir-Somnath district as the Congress leader spent time in the village. Jitu, 20, is an engineering student and the only educated member of the family.We clear the dirt of the society and this is what we are given in return by the society."Gandhi sat with the family and held Babubhai Sarvaiya's hand as they all became emotional.Even as he freely interacted with them, Gandhi asked Jitu Sarvaiya, Babubhai's nephew, if this was the first time or they had been suffering caste discrimination for long. He said that since there were no work avenues they were engaged in the business of skinning dead animals for the tanneries.Jitu said,"We don't want money, but we wish support for sustenance and livelihood.


But, the IB, which grabbed the information with much glee, has luckily given select journalists what its operative describes as a "crucial tape", in which, "RG is talking to an unidentified Indian buddy in the US." Here are excerpts: Rahul: Hey man! Well, shaadis may be 'maid' in heaven or Manhattan, but it has to be suffered on earth.How many times do I have to tell you that I am not interested in another marriage? The old Kishore Kumar song says it all - Zindagi ek suffer.



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    It is also, as the book asserts, a status symbol for Black men that they got a White girl. Interestingly, I watch the Breakfast Club a lot, which is a Black talk show available on You Tube (I highly recommend it for anyone interested in examining the psychology of Black people), and the female side-host of the show (or whatever you call that, she isn’t really a “co-host”), Angela Yee (who has a Chinese father somehow) is obsessed with asking the male guests, generally rappers and Black actors, if they date White women.

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    Some people are much more confident on first dates than others.

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