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Why are older men dating younger woman but no one says anything about it? It’s time for people to stop making it like a bad thing. And although her engagement with Strahan didn’t work out, Murphy explains that she’s open to walking down the aisle again. Well, Cannon may not be romantically in the picture, but we’re sure Murphy can have her pick of any man.If they have a connection let them be happy and do them. Murphy then addressed the rumors that she and Cannon are an item. It's like when a wedding guest looks better than the… READ MORE Nick Cannon and Nicole Murphy wrapped up a dinner date by doing something that proves they're definitely banging ... Nicole and Nick -- who are both famously single these…

In a new cover feature for magazine, Murphy explains that she’s currently enjoying the single life No, I’m currently single, focusing on me.

I get asked out a lot but I think when the right one comes along, it will be different.

After Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan split up last year, fans of the former “Hollywood Exes” star have been wondering who she’s been spending her time with since the split.

One guy in particular that she’s been linked to is Nick Cannon, and in a new interview she finally sets the record straight on whether they’re an item.

Nicole Murphy says her ex-fiance Michael Strahan will be a tough act to follow on "Live" ... where we guarantee no one was talking about the show once she arrived. READ MORE Nicole Murphy's playing the victim in a cheating scandal -- but this one has a twist, and does NOT involve Michael Strahan ... and our sources say there's "a possibility" of getting back together.

READ MORE Here's Nicole Murphy at some TV premiere event in West Hollywood ... READ MORE Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy had lunch together Thursday in Beverly Hills ...



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