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(We asked White, who is New York-based, to confirm but we haven’t heard back.) But here’s one thing we know about White for certain: Bomer chooses ’em good.UPDATE: White confirms they were together: “Matt and I dated from the November 2001 – February 2004. I haven’t spoken to him in about 2 years or maybe more. I wish Matt happiness and success in his life and career.” How does he stack up against Bomer?) Tiffani Thiessen is fantastic, she's the seasoned veteran and has seen it all, between that and 90210 in terms of TV she's seen it all go down.You might know Matt Bomer as the star of hit TV show, White Collar, or you could recognise him from his stripper scenes alongside Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, OR you might not have a CLUE who this man is, but his piercing blue eyes told you to look!See, that's the thing - Matt Bomer is one helluva hottie.His TV show White Collar isn't just about the eye candy though, oh no!It's a gripping TV show about the life of a conman-turned-FBI consultant Neal Caffrey. It was like getting to be in a fraternity, which I never got to do in college so it was like entering into an endeavour that was quite intimidating (laughs) but everyone bonded together and we all stayed after our scenes were done to watch and support everyone else.

‘s Matt Bomer in the photos that have been circulating?One tipster says his name is Mike White, and that he’s Bomer’s ex-boyfriend before he hunkered down with PMK/HBH chief Simon Halls.



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