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There's a larger idea for this double season that we're shooting right now, of course, but I think some specifics were changed along the way because of what was happening in the shooting and what people were reacting to on-screen." In previous seasons, each trouble is usually dealt with in a single episode. "I guess what I know coming into this season, was that we would be shooting double-episode blocks, so that was exciting and that it promised that instead of having to deal with the troubles so quickly and simply every week, we had more time to explore the effect that those troubles have on all our characters," says Bryant.In "Haven," Rose's character, Audrey, takes on a new character often.

"It's interesting to come back every year with some of the people playing the same people," says Rose.

"It's kind of like they know these characters backwards and forwards and up and down." She notes that having to come back and not play Audrey Parker, but play a totally different entity is definitely exciting.

From this profile you will find 48 photos, 5 photo albums, 49 lists, 1 on-screen matchup, 30 film credits, 19 news stories, 1 relationship, and key facts about Lucas Bryant!

Lucas Bryant is a member of the following lists: American film actors, Living people, American television actors, 1978 births, People from Santa Monica, California, Canadian film actors, Canadian television actors, Actors from Ontario, Canadian people of Finnish descent and Canadian people of Scandinavian descent. Read more about Lucas Bryant » Looking for another profile?


For example, Bryant's character, Nathan, cannot feel anything to the touch.

Other characters have similar troubles, such as being bullet magnets or having moods that affect the weather.



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