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What were your first thoughts when you saw your date? The rest was blurred by cocktail-induced hazy memory. We started off with the sensible stuff and then ended up talking about running home barefoot from La Rocca. Liz: That I perhaps liked Espresso Martini’s a little too much…

Lee: She’s attractive, and thankful that I wasn’t stood up and it wasn’t a guy called Les. Is there anything you would change about the evening? Lee: We went to The Cuban for more cocktails but La Rocca was a step too far! We were dangerously close to joining in with the Macarena but realised we didn’t know all the moves. Lee: Hard to tell, wasn’t especially feeling the vibe from Liz but you never know.

Liz has long been dreaming of moving to New York after high school, but now that the moment is almost at hand, she doesn't really want to leave - or even tell anyone. After Bryson's revelation that he had a break-up, Liz secretly wants Bryson to invite her to the Prom, but Bryson seems uninterested.

Sully, on the other hand, wants to ask Liz but can't find the ...

Having said that, "My Life As Liz" is clearly not realism, although it is filmed in a cinema verite style.


Any moments when you wished you were somewhere else? Liz: Only when the waiting staff looked at us with that ‘we know you’re on a blind date’ look.Lee: No it was a really nice meal, company and night out.



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