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Laura Prepon: The thing about our show is, you can't take it personally. When we came on the air, the only other show that was really doing same sex relationships was .We go after everything; racism, religion, same sex orientation. They want to be challenged and made to think about things, whether they agree with them or not. star inevitably gets asked about filming lesbian sex scenes. In general doing sex scenes are kinda strange—whether it's with a man or a woman—but as long as you feel safe and comfortable, it's fine., but she's somehow managed to maintain privacy in a world where being an actress is pretty much synonymous with being a social media star.Laura chatted with Marie about the complicated nature of celebrity, being photographed by the new wave of paparazzi (AKA real people), and—of course—sex scenes on differ from that of the show?

At the end of the day, it's a television show, and I always try to separate my personal ethics and morals if it makes sense for the character and the material. But yeah, when the show first came out there weren't a lot of things like it on the air, and there still aren't.You just have to trust that your writers are leading you in the right way.LP: Yeah, it's amazing to be on a show that means more than just being an actor for hire.brings up so many issues and nothing is taboo, which makes my job that much more special and important.

It makes sense to me that we could get asked that question, so I don't think it's objectifying. If you take things personally, you won't be a very happy person.

MC: I like that perspective: gay relationships don't get nearly enough screen time on TV in general, so maybe that question is actually important—even if sensationalized. But I also tend to take things in stride and don't get offended by much. MC: It must be so cool to be on a show that's constantly challenging preconceived notions about such important subjects.



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