Who is jim jones dating

Well, Chrissy Lampkin’s closet door has been flung open and the secrets that are spilling out read like a Terri Woods book. Jim Jones (they got engaged on the show last night), used to date Jay-Z…we use the term “date” very loosely on this one. Chrissy’s last trick/sponsor/boyfriend cheated on her with a popular video hoe.

Chrissy has dated dope boys like the infamous drug kingpin Alpo Martinez and his partner Rich Porter also three New York Knick players.


Not to build or to become owners The couple who got engaged on their reality show have yet to officially tie the knot.

Though Jones popped the question last season, it doesn't seem like any wedding planning will take place this season, as the couple is swarmed with the latest addition to their home, Jones' son, Pudy.



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