Who is jay kay dating an on line dating

Can't give you more if you ain't giving nothing to me.

'Seems like you're stepping on the pieces of my broken shell. That's the way you love me' Shortly after Miss Van Outen landed her £10,000- a-week role in Chicago, she unveiled a slimline, sophisticated image which she said was all down to her traumatic split from the rock star.

He accuses the woman in the song of 'stepping on the pieces' of his 'broken shell' and asks: 'Why does it have to be like this?

I can never tell.' He sings: 'There you were freaking out, trying to get your head around the fact that me and you and love is dead.

But his tale of emotional outbursts and arguments could well shed light on why he called off the romance.

Miss Van Outen, currently starring in Chicago at London's Adelphi Theatre, was said to be devastated when the romance broke up, but Kay's song tells a rather different story.

Kay has written what appears to be a scornful account of a former girlfriend's screaming tantrums during the dying days of their turbulent relationship.

The single, Little L, was written while he and 27-year-old Miss Van Outen were still together.



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