Who is holly dating now


‘So how long is it going to take until you get back on team c*ck? ‘Judging by the look on Holly’s face, there’s f**king nil chance she’s going anywhere near any f**king c*ck,’ snaps Aaron. Let’s hope not, this series is already shaping up to be a goodn’ with the arrival of Chantelle Connelly and the impending arrival of Marty Mc Kenna. ‘It’s not old Holly, it’s new Holly,’ she fires back, before adding to the cameras: ‘Well, if I’m being totally honest, it’s not exactly the new Holly because I’m back with Kyle and if I told everyone else, they’d go f**king crazy.’ Now we know Kyle makes a return to the show for the forthcoming five-year anniversary special along with some of the other Geordie Shore greats from years gone by, but could he make a grand return to the house full-time?The eleventh series of Geordie Shore has now finished filming and from the multitude of pics the cast have been plastering over social media, it looks set to be a scorcher! While we still have a bit of a wait before the new series lands on our tellyboxes, we have been able to piece together quite a bit of information to be able to answer some of the above. Series ten of the hit MTV reality show was based in good old Newcastle, with the cast – Scotty T, Holly Hagan, Aaron Chalmers, Kyle Christie, Charlotte Crosby, Marnie Simpson, Gary Beadle, Chloe Etherington and Nathan Henry – only leaving the Toon to take Tash on Tours, well… At the end of the series we were left with several burning questions as we approach the new series – Is Gaz still in a relationship with Lillie? How many boyfriends has Marnie devoured since the cameras stopped rolling? First of all, and as we reported to you earlier this week, Marnie Simpson is set to be proposed to by her new, former The Only Way Is Essex fella, Ricky Rayment as he makes his show debut in the very last episode of the new series, armed with a ring (we assume).


‘Last time round, we lost Marnie and we lost Kyle, but the family is stronger than ever,’ Gary assures fans at home. ‘Holly’s not answered the question, Let her answer it,’ Gaz chips in.

And although the group is unanimously agreed that it’s ‘weird’ to be back at base in Newcastle without Kyle and Marn, Nathan is desperate to know when Holly is going to move on.



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