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When you both want the deeper connection of sharing physical space and daily life with each other -- including making decisions, participating in each other's work and social lives and bringing together your personalities, habits and lifestyles -- then it's time! Some questions to think about: Do you each own your own place? You need to decide which makes the most sense financially as you plan your future together.You must also think about space and proximity to work, children or school.But it's not a good idea to pull up stakes completely, quit your job and relocate until you're sure it's going to be for keeps.You might want consider renting or sub-leasing for a year so you can decide if it's the right place for both of you. Many divorced women are hesitant to move in with someone again.They may feel reluctant to make that kind of commitment or give up their independence.Did either of your former spouses live in the home you're considering sharing?Many women that we spoke to felt that the best thing to do, if feasible financially, is to move into a new home together.


We know you don't want to go through another split, so here are some things we all agree need to be thought through before you combine addresses: Is he the person you want to see every morning?

If the answer is "yes," that's a great indication that it's time to combine your lives in a very real way.



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