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At the same time, paparazzi photographers have been chasing the model to get images of her supposedly wearing an engagement ring given to her by Moody.

Bingle, 25, and Moody, a former Ksubi designer who now owns the Chronicles of Never label, began dating a year ago.

(translated using Google) Lara was photographed with Anthony Kiedis a couple of times leading to some speculation as to whether they were a couple or not especially as one picture showed them gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes…

but it was all confused by the fact that Lara was supposed to have been engaged at the time and if a relationship did exist, it was very short-lived: Rumours have been flying thick and fast on the Sydney social scene since Bingle posted an Instagram image of herself with visiting US rocker Anthony Kiedis, who is in Australia headlining the Big Day Out, taking a road trip on the NSW south coast…

She went home to Australia at the beginning of December to celebrate her birthday (according to her Instagram page) and the pair were never seen together again.

November showed Helena being embraced by Anthony and the couple play fighting with Vestergaard looking reticent.

A couple of days later more photos showed the pair having a Thanksgiving Day coffee together with Helena looking miserable.

January 27th 2013 Daily Telegraph According to an interview that Helena did for Teen Vogue in August 2013, she met David Mushegain [photographer behind the lens for the RHCP Fandemonium book] when he was in her home town of Melbourne for the RHCP concert [RHCP played Melbourne on 26 Anthony and Helena Vestergaard were first spotted together early in 2013 when the couple were photographed on a Valentine’s date at a LA Lakers game- Helena appeared to fall asleep on Anthony during the game.

Laura owns a jewellery store in Santa Monica; the couple were seen together several times.Autumn 2011 to early 2012- the relationship seems to have been over by the February as Anthony was photographed with another woman.Beth Jeans Houghton is a British singer-songwriter; at the time she was with Anthony she was performing with ‘The Hooves of Destiny’ but she is now performing solo under the name ‘Du Blonde’.Anthony admitted to having a crush on BJH in an interview with British magazine Mojo in December 2011 and the pair had often been spotted together in public before that (she was backstage at the RHCP concert in Bercy, France in October 2011 because I saw her there): “I would’ve loved you forever, both you and your kid/ And remained faithful even in your old age, long after the last time that you leave the stage./ Cause I loved you for everything, all that you are/ The man sat at home, lonely superstar,/All I wanted was time with your soul, skin to skin/ My best friend, lover, my companion.” For more information please see the post that was updated while they were dating: Anthony Kiedis and Beth Jeans Houghton She was seen with Anthony on a number of occasions at the end of December 2012 (around New Year) including backstage at RHCP concerts and on the front row with him at at a UFC 155 in Las Vegas (above): It seems that Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, was enchanted by a Brazilian.


According to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo on Friday, the singer was seen holding hands with Michelli Provensi model during the New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, United States.At the time, the Californian group performed and the model followed everything closely.



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    Saturday, April 21, 1855 Supposed Murder at Hamilton We Learn from our Hamilton correspondent, that on Tueaday morning last, the body of a man, bearing numerous marks of violence, was found lying in the water in Burlington Bay, near the Suspension Bridge. Friday, November 23, 1917 The Rev P N Knight, of Boscombo, England, was married in St John's Church, Bowmanville, Ont., to Miss L J Skuce, daughter of Mr and Mrs A Riley, Wilberforce, Ont. S., July 1.—The steamer Belgic with upward of three thousand returning Canadian troops on board, docked at 6 o'clock this morning. Vanity' Fair Coach The four Vanity Fair ladies, who toured the city yesterday in an old-fashioned state coach. The folds of the long flowing veil were held in place on the head with a coronet of orange blossoms and the bride carried a shower bouquet of Ophelia roses and lilies of the valley. A report of the examination, however, has not yet been made. Sutton said that he as going under 30 miles an hour. It was 148 feet 8 inches from where Skuce's body was picked up to where the Sutton car came to a halt after running into another car and wrecking both, he testified. Skuce is Victim of Hit-and-Run Autoist—Suspect Held Nurse Injured Miss Mildred D Skuce, a graduate nurse of the Toronto East General hospital, was seriously injured Saturday night when she was struck down by a hit-and-run motorist as she attempted to board a street car at Myrtle Cres. The Toronto Star r car as she alighted from a street car nearly a month ago. Monday, 1 October 1945 Skuce Recovers from Fumes Lou Skuce, cartoonist, who was overcome by coal gas fumes in his North Toronto home early Friday, was dischaged from hospital and returned to his home yesterday, hospital officals said today. Skuce settled in what is now the city of Drumheller when it was homestead land. Shortly afterward he added temporary premises constructed of half tent and half tumber, in which he conducted a small restaurant business. Having been in touch with Jim Beattie, another pioneer of this district, Sid Skuce decided to strike out for Drumheller (before it was Drumheller). Beattie and the two drove across the prairie and arrived here in firve days. Rev A J Radley officiated, Miss Kay Reddon of Hargraves, Man, played the wedding music. All the reports were checked without avail, he added. 18 Dec, 1962 Skuce, Frances - In Cardinal on Saturday, December 15, 1962, Frances Fawcett, beloved wife of Bert Skuce; beloved sister of Ida Fawcett and the late Melbourne Fawcett, of Ottawa. June 21, 1963 Skuse Service at Cranbrook Cranbrook, BC (HNS)— Funeral service took place Tuesday at Mc Pherson Funeral Chapel for Thomas Skuse of Yahk who died at St Eugene Hospital.

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    - TRICARICO : Drago - GAZOSA: - RUBIO, PAULINA: Lo hare por ti - ARK : It takes a fool to remain sane - MODJO: Chillin' - DEPECHE MODE : Dream on - REGGAE NATIONAL TICKETS : I got u baby - STANDFAST : Carcrashes - PAPS 'N SKAR: Get it on - ADAMS, BRYAN: I'm ready - BON JOVI : One wild night - TEXAS : Inner smile - BUNTON, EMMA: What took you so long?

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