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Note: This episode is the only one in which Sal Barone played DJ Conner. Date night for Dan and Roseanne turns into a brush with divorce, after they run into an old friend who has just been through one.

Dan begins to fear the worst about their marriage and decides to put their relationship under a microscope.

Roseanne is summoned to a parent/teacher conference after Darlene has been barking in class.

Stressed from the pressures of coping with home and work, she lashes out at Dan for not doing his share.

On an evening out with the gang at the bowling alley, Roseanne sneaks a peek at her daughter Becky’s first boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Booker makes a bet with Jackie for very high stakes; if he wins she’ll have to spend the night with him.


May 25, 2016 This Scandal actress has personally picked up the tab for close to 100 dogs who have been involved in dog fighting kennels.She pays for their medical treatment and all the other expenses at the shelters where they will remain for the rest of their lives.The episode features a full length rendition sung by John Goodman.Meanwhile, the friction between Booker, the factory manager, and Jackie heats up.

After a lot of “what ifs” they come to the conclusion that there’s hope after all.

Meanwhile, Roseanne’s sister Jackie inadvertently forgets she promised to baby-sit the kids.



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