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The most outrageous from the point of view of the Queen was his affair with porn star Koo Stark, where he is said to have even made the offer.

Fortunately, beauty had the good sense to oppose it.

As it turned out, Andrew and demi met for a reason.

Their introduced Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of a Prince and the mother of two of his daughters Eugenie and Beatrice. And demi Moore is one of Hollywood celebrities who can be considered faithful followers of this faith.

Acquaintance went well, and between Moore and Andrew began a romantic relationship. For his life Andrew brought his mother a lot of unpleasant moments.

To start with the fact that he, like his brother Charles, wanted to divorce, which at the time was considered absolutely inappropriate for a member of the Royal family. He started Dating a completely inappropriate for a man of his the status of girls.

One day Sarah, apparently, came up with the idea to arrange the fate of his friend, whose decidedly unlucky in his personal life.



They became friends and many years I kept in touch.As for demi Moore, that, at first glance, the novel Andrew actress doesn’t look wrong.



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