Who is chris brown dating after rihanna

If all this is true, then his efforts did not go futile and he took the award home from February’s Academy Awards. Many would speculate that he is pursuing Rihanna as a love interest again.

According to an earlier report by Billboard, Chris Brown had said that if rumors of his ex’s romance with Di Caprio have any truth in them, then he would tell Rihanna, “Hey, do your thing. Does all this changed because of Di Caprio’s alleged affair with his ex?

I can’t believe everything I hear in the news,” he said. It might be something else going on.’” Brown added that Rihanna had no choice but to upgrade to an even bigger celebrity after she dated Brown. Good game.” He made it clear he didn’t feel any jealousy about the relationship. The interview happened to fall on Rihanna’s birthday.

“Ain’t nowhere else you could’ve went though,” he laughed. So when asked if he reached out to the singer for her special day, he made it clear he didn’t.

The Rita Ora and Rihanna feud is about to get a whole lot nastier as Chris Brown is dating Rita!

The duo was present at the festival’s Neon Carnival and onlookers felt that the two were inseparable. But when the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer reached the event, she was immediately escorted to “The Revenant” star’s booth.

The rumors about the two started spreading more than a year ago.


Now that rumors are swirling that Rihanna and actor Leonardo Di Caprio are a “thing” after they were spotted at Coachella last month (as other rumors say she’s secretly dating Drake), a vintage clip of her ex, Chris Brown, speaking on the reports has surfaced.Brown stopped by at HOT 97 in February of last year and shared his candid thoughts on speculation that his ex was hooking up with the iconic actor. I respect her enough to respect her privacy and respect her space. I’ll give you a slap on the back, booty everything… The two broke up about two months later after it came out that he fathered a love child with another woman.



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