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Sam admitted to having an account "two years ago" but insisted he never had an extramarital affair, adding that both his wife and God have forgiven him; therefore, he said, "I've been completely cleansed of this sin." The Takeaway: Judge not, lest ye be judged. Wide Open Spaces: Alabamians apparently desire more room to roam.

Maybe corrupt politicians [too]," they told Motherboard. Gawker Digs In: While different outlets had their own designs on the info, parsing it for zip codes, ages, companies, etc., Gawker Media was first to pluck a celebrity from the swamp.


"We apologize for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers' information." The Impact Team, meanwhile, demanded that parent company Avid Life Media shut Ashley Madison and another site, Established Men, down.

The hackers also went public alleging that Ashley Madison did Time Marches On: That was kinda the end of that story for a while, maybe more than a few husbands endured some sleepless nights, but... The Takeaway: Hmm, maybe the Impact Team isn't so impactful. The Takeaway: The hackers meant business (and have since dropped 20 GB more).



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    The only reason that albino redwoods survive at all is that they are connected at the root to a parent tree from which they will suck energy for their entire lives.” Only about 25 of these trees are known to exist around the world, eight of which are at Henry Cowell State Park in California, where rangers and researchers from Stanford University and UC Santa Cruz are studying them, as KQED explains: Their needles are limp and waxy.

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    Two decades ago, Renee’s first serious boyfriend took his own life and 10 years back her marriage crashed and burned after just four months.

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    It could be concealed more effectively at night, which was when we were supposed to work – and it a good six foot off the ground, only visible to the rare man who matched my height.

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