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normally offers a tiered pricing plan that goes from .99 for the basic month to month subscription down to a special six month rate of only .99 a month and if you don’t find someone in six months, you’ll get another six months free. However, just released the 15% discount to surfers PLUS that free 6 months! What you need is the upgrade to the Mind Bind Find with Dr. For an extra .00 a month, you get access to this new program within that helps you define and rid yourself of unwanted relationship issues.

Friend Finder (Dating & Marriage), Millionaire Mate (Wealthy & Beautiful Personals), (Sexy Dating Personals), Senior personals, Chinese personals, Indian personals, (Latino personals), Korean personals, German personals, French personals, Italian personals, Christian & Jewish personals.

The secret may be in Match.com’s profile system which is quite extensive. will ask you questions about your pets, working habits, leisure activities, sports, even musical abilities are polled.

Next, you get a chance to mark off your preferences in a mate, from body type to professions, turn ons and turn offs (thunderstorms?

Are you single woman looking for a rich man to date?

), you can narrow the field considerably if you’ve a mind to.NEW To go along with their new “It’s Okay to Look” campaign, is offering “The New Voyeur’s Guide to Match.com”. Phil’s system of online classes and exercises are designed to help you get over your issues so you can involve yourself in a loving relationship.



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