Voicemail dating causes of adolecent dating abuse

Maybe they listened to it, but just happened to use the words "I saw ..." - that's much better than saying "You rang" ( try that in Lurch's voice from The Addams Family ... Now while I do think some of it's good advice from time to time, I think it's a better idea to come straight to the source about something.It's like that movie "The Ugly Truth" (one of the few truly entertaining chick flicks).Katherine Heigl's character learns how to attract a man by taking advice from a man. On a few occasions I missed a call from my BF, and he left a voice mail message.(Saved the messages) When it's 4 am and I'm still awake , home from work, he is asleep.whatever."He can hang up and let the phone notify you of the missed call."Sounds like a game playing tactic to get HER to call back. Sometimes I get curious I might look the number up online, but probably not. A missed call WITH voicemail, even if I don't listen to it I know the person wanted to speak with me. Leave a short message and always say who you are and leave a return phone number.Best you leave a message as to your intent in calling. I'm annoyed by people who don't leave a message or leave the Call me! If you cannot leave a message telling me why you called, and you are not my child or mother, I will most likely never, ever call you back. Plus, it gives her time to formulate an answerif one is to be expected of her.As previously mentioned, it could be a "butt call" or ... It annoys me when my children or mother do that too, but at least I will be interested in why they called. Or, to suggest a subtle change in the plansthat might make her feel more comfortable. Unless I know the number, a 'missed call notification' or unknown number on my caller ID will probably get ignored. Women arnt some strange bizzar creature that operate differently to the rest of us. Leave a voicemail "He it's me, had a great time last night, was calling to see if you want to get together again some time"If you ramble on for 5 mins about how much your love her and over analyse the date, then yes it's overkill A missed call with no voicemail left to me means unimportant.I can listen to his deep sexy voice and hear his laugh. I'd much rather he leave a voicemail messages, as so I know the intent of his call (including a good time to reach him, again)."I saw you called" could be an indicator that they listened to phone call -- or not.

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In the past, I always left voice mails for people I knew with a brief reason why I was calling.

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Yet every time the call back always started with "I saw that you called" because they never listened to the voice mail.Obviously he wants to see you again, and if you feel the same you'll call him back. It's rare that I get a voicemail and just call a person back without listening to it first. :-)It's funny because there are so many "advice" websites, videos, columns, blogs, etc written by men giving advice on what women want.



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