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That is, virtual roof jumping, as well as virtual hugging in virtual Vancouver, because Matz and Curtiss met in Utherverse, a popular online 3-D universe where players interact in virtual cities, bars and, well, do pretty much anything else you can do in the real world, including have virtual sex.RELATED: 5 WARNING SIGNS YOUR ONLINE CRUSH IS A FRAUD “We lived together pretty much since the moment we met in a virtual sense,” says Matz, 28.People wondered out loud: How could someone like Te’o — a good-looking star athlete at a top-tier school — fall in love with a picture?Experts say it can happen to anyone, and it’s happening more often these days — especially to dreamer types who make easy targets.Even though Epstein is a computer-intelligence expert, he found himself chatting online seven years ago with a woman who, after three months, he realized was not a sexy Russian love interest, but a chatbot programmed to auto-reply.



On their first date, set up through a mutual friend, Jackie Curtiss and Rob Matz met at a cowboy bar in Vancouver.Matz dyed his hair silver and Curtiss put on a pair of tight jeans to impress.


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