Virginia state police criminal records dating back as far as

NORFOLK — Lawyers representing the Daily Press argued Thursday that the Supreme Court of Virginia should have the last word on whether the state's Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court must release a database containing court case information from around the state.

A state panel looking to reform Virginia law on access to public records tackles the power of senior officials to keep their papers secret Tuesday.

The Daily Press filed a lawsuit against the Virginia Supreme Court's Office of the Executive Secretary on Friday, seeking the release of a comprehensive database of thousands of court records dating back more than a decade.


A subcommittee of the state Freedom of Information Advisory Council will consider a proposal to narrow the exemption for correspondence, so that it applies only to letters or emails a chief executive uses in decision-making.After an administrative review, handled by the Virginia State Police, the department concluded that the agents didn't violate ABC policy, it said in...


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