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Located in Corona, CA we have everything for your Brakes, Steering, Suspension and more.In this fast pace busy world today, itʼs nice to have one place you can take your vehicle for service.The word she has a tendency to say most is "cool" (, kūru).


Because of her calm personality, even during missions, the Fourth Raikage considers her to be a valuable and capable kunoichi, completely trusting her.

Samui is a fair-skinned woman of tall stature and with a curvaceous figure who generally wears a stoic, aloof expression on her face.

It was a terribly hot afternoon with the mercury in the thermometer resting around one hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit. I had spent the last seven days in this heat, ministering in …

You are smart, capable and self-sufficient, but nobody appreciates you.

You know how to get the job done, but Mario gets all the credit for your success.

Bear Alignment and Brake is dedicated to Vehicle Safety and Customer Service.


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