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Meanwhile, Lily sought comfort in the arms of Holden and they later made plans to marry. Lily was afraid Damian wasn't telling her everything, and given his past, she said no.

When it was discovered that Damian had not died in the plane crash, he saw how much Lily and Holden loved each other and agreed to back out and let them get married. When Damian came to town years later, he wanted to take Luke to Malta in order to show him his heritage. Nevertheless, Damian was determined and he ran off with Luke.

Luke is the son of Lily Snyder and Damian Grimaldi. The marriage was rocky because Lily was once married to Holden Snyder, but after Luke was christened, Lily and Damian thought they would give their marriage a second chance.

Tragically, Damian was presumed dead in an airplane accident.

When they got to the docks, Holden caught up with them.

He was able to pull Luke away from Damian just in time to be caught in an explosion.

Lily had to find them so she went to Malta, and with the help of Simon Frasier, she was able to find out that Damian's half brother had captured them.

* 2006 - When he got into a fight with Lily, he shoved her, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant.

* 2006 - After shoving his mom down the stairs, out of fear, he drove while intoxicated.


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