Vampire dating websites

Although dating websites are doing extremely well to bring people closer to their true life partners, there are many dating websites that are fairly bizarre, while quite a few others are just downright absurd.Below are six disturbingly real dating sites that will shock you: Some people hate looking in the mirror, while others are just simply absorbed by their looks and features.Somewhere out there, there is that special someone for each of us – the one who will complement and understand us better than others.Most people search for the one who will fill that void to make our lives complete.The real intention for building a website of this kind seems a bit strange.If you are also one of those self-lovers and want to see a reproduction of yourself in your partner, there is dating website that does exactly this.


With the advent of the internet, it’s not hard to search for your soul mate.

Today, people can easily pick their dream partner through chat rooms, message boards, social networking sites and especially, online dating websites.

You may be amazed to learn that there are dating websites for just about anyone.

After you enter the specifications for your ideal partner, you will be introduced to numerous attractive proposals in just a few seconds.

Christina Bloom, the founder of this strange dating website, says that the latest scientific data on romantic chemistry and results have proved that a person is passionately ignited on spotting someone whose facial features are similar to their own. Well, Bloom was motivated to build the website when everyone kept telling her how she and her ex-husband looked exactly like each other. So, does having same facial features really guarantee a long-term relationship? This website makes use of facial mapping software to find a partner who resembles you.

The facial-recognition technology and a proprietary algorithm helps to match the various features of the partners such as your chin, eyes, ears, nose and corners of the mouth to recognize the similarities and find the resemblance between the two.


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