Validating windows media player 11 electro spin resonance dating


Here is how you can install Windows Media Player 11 bypassing the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation (WGA).

All information are for or educational and informational purpose only.

In folder you will see wmp11wmfdist11and install them 3. Run any media player shortcut you have on your system...a screen will popup asking "express" or "custom" 5. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM CONTACT ME ON [email protected]




im having a problem validating my windows media player 11,ive just done a system restore but i have done this b4 and hadnt had this i push validate it take me to this web site validate/Validation Result.aspx?displaylang=en&c Code=NZL&Error=10&Page Name=validate&Product=Wga then nothing happens? ive waited over an hour 4 it to load incase its one of those slow loading pages but still nothing?


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