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What's the best way to put validation/constraints on a Listbox which is used in "select" mode (i.e: dropdown list) ?

Listbox doesn't have Constraint support like Textbox.

Note: when select2 is not applied to the list Box (so you get the normal list Box) it works fine.We'll look at its shortcomings, and then go on to a more advanced solution to the problem: the setting up of constraints on the table. It might be tempting to put a validation rule on the postal (Zip) code in a database of addresses.You may find that the database included in Open Office delights you as much as it has me. Remember that Open Office, including oo Base, is free. Big organizations, governmental and civilian, have adopted it as their standard office suite... Table constraints are an important tool you can use to guard against invalid entries. To put it another way, a datum is valid if you have used one of the allowed values for the field. This tutorial provides answers for the simple cases.and saving million$, but still Getting The Job Done. I'm still trying to master validating things like SSNs!

I want to check that the Listbox has a selected item other the first item (first item is empty space "").I want to have popup error close to the Listbox similar to Textbox error popup.


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