User control updatepanel not updating

NET Ajax components that allows you to get a partial update of your page on postback.

You can place all of your old non-AJAX components inside the update panel and they will behave as they were AJAX enabled.

In real life, the updatepanel of the thumbnail list contains some sort of iterateable list (a repeater for example).

The thumbnail list then contains a public function called “Bind Data Source” or “Update List” that takes some parameters of which items to show.

When opening and closing the treelist you would not have the icon list to update.



Now you have a web page that updates panels individually and where the panels can talk to each other.Thumbnail List = thumbnail List; } When the tree list needs to update the thumbnail list it will call a function on the thumbnail list that will update the thumbnails.This code is individual depending on the implementation.In this post, I will show you how to load different user control in Update Panel from different menu item click.

Is it possible to have pages with more than one update panel, and allowing these panels to talk to each other? Imagine this example: You have a page that mimmicks a Windows Explorer.

At the left side you have a tree structure, and the right side is a list of icons.


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