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Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism," acollection that's held in high regard and considered a resource for anyone studying gender and women's studies.


At this same time in her education, Hernandez also discovered the works of African-American writers Audrey Lorde and Bell Hooks, women whose prose focuses on feminism, race, sexuality and class.

In 2002, Hernandez coedited the feminist anthology "Colonize This!

Hernandez didn't happen upon Latino writing until she was in college.

There, she found the works of Sandra Cisneros and Richard Rodriguez, and for the first time she saw Spanish, the private language spoken only at home, written alongside English in the book, "Borderlands" by Gloria AnzaldĂșa.

Daisy Hernandez, author of the must-read "A Cup of Water Under My Bed: A Memoir," was politicized by feminism.

The social movement made an impression on the reluctantly controversial NPR contributor, making her starkly aware of her personal identity and the gendered lessons imparted on her during her upbringing.



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