Updating wrought iron porch columns teen dating violence resources


Add Beautify To Your Home With This Classic Design. Touch Up Painting & Annual Painting Is Recommended.

Of course the design of the columns matter as much as the material: you could find very clean and simple columns made out of wrought iron as well as very ornate and decorative ones.

Since the width of the original metal column was 10-1/2" inches wide, we used 12" wide cedar."G" cut the boards to fit and using clamps created the box.Upon seeing it, I knew that it did really dominate the cozy porch. This is how "G" spent some of his weekend, I on the on other hand spent it relocating a few plants, pulling weeds and doing what I love. Saturday morning (early) we were at my sisters installing her kitchen cabinets.Wrought iron porch columns would be a great choice if you're about to replace your current columns, especially if the current design is made out of the same design and features a similar theme.


It can otherwise look a bit off if you go with a whole new set of materials and styles in terms of porch columns on a house, however if your house is old and has lots of decorative accents, then this could be a wonderful choice.A wrought iron porch column fits great with many different decors, however most of them time period specific.



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