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Windows 7/8 has no option to turn Auto-Arrange off.Registry edits which force Auto-arrange to be turned off cannot be used reliably because they break other Windows 7/8 features.Windows XP is perfect for multi-boots (not BCD dependent) and I still reboot from Windows 8 into Windows XP to use it for work.Windows XP allows you to group files or folders on different parts of the screen whereas in Windows 7/8, you can *only* do this on the Desktop and nowhere else.


So if you need to group files/folders on the screen for work (for easier sorting) - there is no alternative but to reboot into Windows XP.

If I am looking for something important on the system for work, I reboot into Windows XP and use Windows XP's Search Engine because Windows 7/8 Search Engine is more difficult to use and is not as reliable as Windows XP Search Engine.

There will be no official Service Pack 4 for Windows XP - so why don't we try to figure out how to make an all inclusive Windows XP installation ISO?

=== The first question I'll ask before making any future motherboard purchase is: can Windows XP be installed on it?

Final set of Windows XP Security updates is coming up on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

We already know how to make a custom ISO to include Service Pack 3, but how do we include all the updates released after SP3 for Windows XP to make a final all-inclusive Windows XP ISO?



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