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There were certain things I always did each time I installed Slackware. Now you’ve booted into it and a prompt blinks at you. Anyone who has read the The Slackware Book understands enough to use Slackware and understand the rest of this guide.

After years of revisions, including moving everything related to fonts into another page, it mostly turned into a set of miscellaneous tips. In the root directory of Slackware’s installation DVD are various documentation files.

To use a Slack Build, you make it executable and run it, as root, in the same directory as its corresponding source tarball. Slack Builds are written to make this easy, and the most commonly changed flags are stored in variables initialized at their beginnings.

These include the following: In the past, most Slackware users built their packages from source, after downloading them from the package maintainers’ websites.

I’m assuming a certain level of Slackware knowledge.


Log in as the root user, and you have an email from Slackware mainter Patrick Volkersding.

It explains, among another things, Slackware’s approach to package management.

Installed packages are logged in “/var/log/packages”. If you look in Slackware’s /source tree, you will find source tarballs with . The Slack Builds are shell scripts for building the packages, while the .builds are for a package building program called slacktrack.

This makes upgrading or rebuilding Slackware’s packages very easy (just edit and rerun the Slack Builds).

You can also buy a bound copy from any book retailer.

I have a Slack Build file (see the Slack Build usage HOWTO) to install both the HTML and source versions in /usr/share/doc: , which automates many common tasks.



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