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The table below lists package management utilities found in Slackware Linux and other Slackware-based distributions.As stated by Patrick Volkerding on several occasions, Slackware is unlikely to ever have any advanced (i.e.One problem that many distro-hoppers and operating system enthusiasts encounter is having to master (or relearn) a set of package management commands each time they switch from one distribution group to another.Additionally, the package management tools tend to evolve, with new features and even new commands added to every new version.This is why we created this package management cheatsheet - an easy reference card covering most frequently used package management tasks in Linux distributions and Free BSD.As always, we welcome corrections, updates and suggestions - if you spot any error or wish to have another package management utility added to this page, feel free to contact us (email address at the bottom of this page).



The first table lists package management tasks in the four most popular distribution groups - Debian (including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Zorin OS and other Debian derivatives), open SUSE, Fedora (including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cent OS, Scientific Linux and other Fedora-based distributions), and Mageia and Open Mandriva.In Fedora-based distribution the yum package manager is set to be replaced with dnf at some point in 2015 (starting with Fedora 22), but it looks like most of the dnf package management commands will remain mostly identical to the yum commands (the exceptions being "localinstall" which is not yet implemented in dnf, and "update" which has been deprecated in favour of "upgrade").



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